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Tireless Trading

Finding the right crypto trade is a tough job. It requires experience, knowledge, and constant vigilance, which is why traders are notorious for their lack of sleep.

With Zazook, you can rest easy. Zazook uses proprietary algorithms to perpetually monitor the market, alerting you in real-time to the best cryptocurrency trades as they become available.

Filters, News and Market Status Channels

Become Omniscient

Your days of wondering how to beat the market are numbered. Zazook uses its powerful, all-knowing algorithms to scour the market while you go about your life.

When a cryptocurrency trade fits the profile of profitability, Zazook tags it and sends it straight to your phone or desktop over Slack messaging app. As the trade develops, Zazook updates you so that you know what to do.

Zazook gives you access to nine different channels and direct support from the team. Trade alerts, market status updates, and channels with different filters and strategies all populate your account.

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Zazook sent out winning crypto trading signals to subscribers and challenged the notion that 2018 was a bear market.

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Watch these videos to see how Zazook won consistent profits despite the toughest market conditions in years.


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For experienced traders who have established trading strategies that will benefit from our suite of filters, algorithms, and signals.

Frequency: Hourly

This filter finds price points where it is highly likely for prices to reverse direction or continue downwards.

Comes with a PDF file that explains turning and continuation points.

Frequency: 15 minutes

This filter uses a combination of RSI to detect oversold areas. These oversold areas have a tendency to either reverse direction to the upside or continue their journey downwards.

Comes with a PDF file that gives a how-to on using the filter..

Frequency: Hourly

This filter finds coins that are experiencing a contraction in their price movement. After a contraction there tends to be a break out to the upside or downside. The objective is to take advantage of these breakouts by buying or selling the coin.

Comes with a PDF file that gives a how-to on using the filter.

The perfect beginner package for novice traders. Zazook sends buy recommendations and subsequently monitors the trade, giving you real-time updates along the way.

Frequency: Ongoing

Charting and technical analysis are difficult concepts and methods for novice traders to understand and deploy with success. Zazookʼs novice package circumvents that difficulty by sending simple, intuitive crypto trading signals straight to your phone or desktop.

Zazook signals are easy to follow. After you receive Zazookʼs buy recommendation, youʼll receive follow up messages containing trade updates, allowing you to exit the trade when happy.

Trading Alert 1 is recommended for absolute beginners. When the market is volatile, Zazook wonʼt send trades to this channel to avoid absolute beginners from trading in excessive choppiness.

Frequency: 15 minutes

Trading Alert 2 is recommended for beginners that have a few trades under their belt. Ideally, you will have paper traded in the first channel before coming over to Trading Alert 2. During periods of volatility, Zazook will continue sending signals to this channel.

Frequency: 4 hours

About: Gives you a brief summary of the short term crypto market in easy to understand terms.

Positive turned from Neutral
Still Positive

Frequency: 4 hours (if status changes)

About: Uses a proprietary algorithm to gauge the current risk level in the crypto market. Risk levels are represented by an easy to understand traffic light graphic.

Frequency: Daily (if status changes)

About: Informs you about long term market trends. Using a traffic light graphic, Zazook gives you an easy to understand visual representation of the crypto market outlook.

Frequency: Ongoing

About: Looking for the latest crypto news is a time-consuming task that Zazook makes obsolete. Using crypto news aggregators, Zazook brings you the news as it happens.

Frequency: Ongoing

About: Zazook is more than crypto trading signals, itʼs also an active and growing community where discussions about the crypto market are a constant. Ask the team questions and receive bonus content that helps you thrive as a crypto trader. Zazook is your friend – youʼll never be alone again.

Zazook gathers comprehensive live data on over 2,000 cryptocurrency assets using every available time frame.

Zazook filters use fine-tuned pattern recognition and algorithms to find the best crypto trading opportunities regardless of market conditions.

Zazook filters make intelligent decisions about each cryptocurrency asset under consideration. These filters give smart trading signals that are adaptive, immediate, and ahead of the curve. After subscribers receive a signal, the filters stay active and continue to monitor and update the trade so you know how to play it.

Our validation system allows us to output the results from any algorithm, filter, or trading signal through mathematically correct validators to ensure accuracy. If a single timestamp entry from the Zazook database does not get a green light, then it isnʼt used until the issue is resolved.

We also have an endless log of backtested trades to ensure the validity of our methods.


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